Beautiful Life

Hey child up and go; A big world is out there waiting for us to live in every day. Outside you will find, there is love all around you; Takes you, makes you wanna' say; That it's a beautiful life and it's a beautiful world and it's a beautiful time to be here, to be here, to be here. -Fisher

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Li'l Emperor

It's been a little over nine months since Paul and I met The Li'l Emperor in China.  If you read here regularly, then you know how that went down.  It took all of 24 hours for him to live up to the nick name we'd tagged him with.  And less for him to be christened with a new one.  Crasher!

Almost from the beginning it seems he has been destined for the ER.  If there is something to trip over, knock over, run into or fall from, he will find it!  And more often than not, it's his head that finds something, on his way down.  I think that child has permanent lumps on his cute noggin!

All along we have just chalked it up to the fact that he is in constant motion..........and maybe it's possible his head is a tad big.  I mean, have you seen that melon?

But then several of my kids (Parker) have had super-sized craniums and this wasn't a problem.  So, the logical thing that came to my mind was that maybe, just maybe, he isn't seeing everything before he runs into it.  I mean, when you stand there and watch your son walk into something straight ahead of him, you have to think there's got to be a reason!

I made an appointment.

And it's a good thing.  Our family eye doctor examined our newest member.  Then he looked at me and asked, "Does he run into things a lot?"  Oh, you have no idea, doc.  No idea!

Turns out, Crasher has a a major astigmatism and quite frankly (as the doctor put it) can't see straight.

Well, that explains a lot!

I guess we all know what Asher is getting for Christmas.....besides bubble wrap, a helmet and football pads.

I can't wait to see our cutie sporting his new glasses in a few weeks!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

So excited!

I'm so excited because I noticed that I have 81 followers.  That's several more than I had a month ago.  And that is inspiring me!  So, before we get to deep into the Christmas spirit, I think I will give you a quick look at what Thanksgiving looked like at our house this year.

I was so excited because my family enjoyed Thanksgiving at my house so much last year that they were willing to do it again this year!  And yes.  Yes, I am a nutball, because I volunteered to do it all.  Again!  But, it was so much fun that I couldn't help myself.

I roasted the turkey.

I set the tables.

But, my sweet Isabel made the two flower arrangements all on her own!  She is so creative.

 I cooked all the food.

But, for some reason Jennifer carved the turkey.  
That is still a mystery!

Brianna was my helper and boy did she!  She came a day early, thanks to a ride from college that was coming my way, and was so much help.

We had the little kids table for Christian, Asher, Claire and Isabel.

And a teen table for Parker, Brianna, Megan and Noah.
But, I'm still kind of in denial that any of them are actually teenagers.  Never mind that one of them is old enough to vote and three of them will be getting their driving permits soon....

My family is so beautiful!

My nephew, such a blessing!

The food was pretty good.

The company was better!

And the conversation lasted for hours around the dinner table.

At one point, my dad needed a "procedure". The doctors were called in to remedy this!

And then we broke for pictures.

Because, what would a holiday be without some completely posed pictures.  Right?

Asher's been trying to get us to take his picture with Georgia for months now.  I have no idea why, except that our boy just loves his dog.  When he got here, he was totally fine with our little dogs, Roxy and Lola.  But, he would run from Georgia. He was quite scared of her and would try to climb into your arms and carried on like he'd never seen a dog her size.  And, he probably had not.  The first time we were in China, we saw no dogs.  It was a few months before the Olympics and apparently everyone was hiding their dogs.  Because this time, we saw plenty of them.  But, not in the poorer area, where Asher lived and few were the size of our Georgia! 
Now?  Now Asher is a big fan of our big girl!  He got past his fear to see that she's just a big lump (100lbs big) of black lab lovin'.

Me with my sisters:  Amy is the baby and Jennifer is the "Middle Child".  I am the oldest and no one that meets us is surprised by that fact.  Amy has the best smile. Jennifer has the prettiest eyes.  And me?  Well, I have the most gray hair and wrinkles!  I wonder?  Amy has two kids.  Jennifer has two kids?  And me?  SIX kids!  I wonder if that has anything to do with it.  :)

Me will my sweet mom!

All the kids!  Well, except Brooke. 

And I'm thinking we don't get to classify her as a kid anymore.....since she is "with child" herself!  My amazing niece is making my sister a GRANDMOTHER is just a few weeks.

The upside is that there will be a little baby around to spice things up.  The downside is that I live here and they all live there and that means I won't get to see said baby very often!  And Brooke wasn't able to make it to town for the big Thanksgiving dinner. 

Teens must goof off!

It runs in the family!

 It was definitely a Thanksgiving full of thanksgiving!

And I am so excited about having a few more readers that I promise an update adoption post about Asher soon!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

In Other News.....

 We baptized Claire and Asher earlier this month.  It was a very lovely day that we celebrated with family and friends.  Many of our dear church friends helped to bring these two into our family through their prayers and financial contributions to the process.  It was such a joy to be able to share this special event with them. 

 Both children wore traditional Chinese clothing in honor of their culture.

And cross necklaces that were gifts.

The rector of our church, Steve Wood, performed the service.  He baptized Isabel almost 10 years ago in November of 2001 so it was pretty special to have him baptize our youngest as well!

Asher's Godparents, Steve and Stacy were there for him.  He is so fortunate to get to see his Godparents on a pretty regular basis. 

 And Claire's Godparents, Trey and Michelle, are also a big part of her life!

A very nice brunch was provided by a family friend and we could not have enjoyed ourselves more!

We even managed to snag Lizzie from school for a few hours!  Color those grandparents thrilled that they got to spend the entire brunch in conversation with her.

And it was a good day! A very good day.

Isabel's decided to enter some of her pottery into the Coastal Carolina Fair's Creative Arts contest.  And our very talented girl WON!  She scooped up two second place ribbons, one for a bowl and one for a doily, and a first place ribbon for a different bowl, that also earned her a second place Best in Show! She is blessed with talent and creativity, that is for sure! 

And then the twins had to go and turn 15 on the 13th!  Fifteen.  Really?  Was that necessary?  

They thought so.....apparently.

Because they went and did it anyway!

And now we are faced with decisions like, when to let them get their permits, who is going to teach them to drive, and what are they going to drive...... Oh. My.  Is a third car in our near future?  I can tell you for sure what is not. A fourth car!  They will just have to navigate sharing a car the same way they have manged the cell phone and the computer and the books and the xbox.  

I mean!  Hey, they figured out how to share a womb for 8 months, so this should be a breeze.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Another Year

I can't believe it, but another year has gone by and our oldest, is 22.  That hardly seems possible.  Hardly possible that she could be a senior at College of Charleston. 

Hardly possible that this time next week she will house sit for us.  Because it seems like just yesterday she needed a babysitter!

Hardly possible that this time next year she could be working full time somewhere as an Anthropologist.  Or going to GRAD school!  Or worse {better for her, worse for us} living overseas learning neat things about other cultures.  Because it seems like just yesterday she was graduating from kindergarten! 

Life needs to slow down a bit.  Way down! We are starting to realize that it won't be too much longer before we have to face the fact that we really aren't going to be seeing her much.  We are trying to enjoy every single minute we can squeeze from her schedule!

So, despite the fact that Claire is again under attack from a vicious uti and Asher tried to rip the ear from his head WHILE I baked Lizzie's birthday cake {From scratch.....because that's how I roll}, we had a lovely dinner to celebrate another year with our Lizzie. 

And yes!  Yes, she is beauty and brains.  Not even kidding.  And yes.  Yes, I did put 22 candles on that cake.  And when she blew the them out, there was in fact a cloud of smoke.  

We sang, we laughed and we listened.  It was good.  No presents this year.  Just cards, loaded with money of course.  Which is all a college kid wants anyway.  Am I right? 

I just hope the next year doesn't go by as quickly as the last.  I don't know how much more this mama can take.