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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This Is Why God Gave Me Sons

Ever wonder why you ended up with the kids you got?
Not me.
I know why God gave me these sons.

Because he knew. He knew that when the car battery died for the fourth time this month, that I would sigh and make the call. Again. He knew that even though I went to Sears last week, and bought a battery charging thingamadoodle, I would still sigh and make the call. Again.

It's not because I am afraid to do man work.
I mow the grass, y'all. That does count.
I stay alone for a night every week,
sometimes two, as hubby works out of town often.
I do not have to have a man hang a picture,
change the vacuum cleaner belt or mow the grass.
Not that it isn't nice to have one that does all those things.
Plus also he cleans up vomit, and I hate to do that.
But, that isn't the point.

I have a deep fear of doing things for the first time. I like to have someone that knows what they are doing, hold my hand the first time.

My excuse when I made the call this time? I can pop the hood, but I can't find the whachamacallit to release it so I can lift the hood.


I am hopeless. It's sad, but true.

Go ahead and feel bad for my husband. And, my father-in-law. They routinely rescue least it seems that way this month!

Which leads me to why God gave me these sons.

Because, when the car died for the fourth time this month, I would sigh and make the call. And, my husband would sigh and patiently assure me he would be there soon. To pop the hood and hold my hand. I love that man.

But, my sons would, without so much as a word from me, get out of the car, pop the hood, release the whachamacallit, hook up the charger and tell me to start the car. All while I sat there in disbelief, wondering when they grew up. Well, and I took a few pictures real quick once I snapped out of shock.

They told me to start the car, Mama!

And, I did! Then I sighed and made the call. To their daddy to tell him that he was not needed. He said to tell his boys we was glad they manned up!

I guess there are some new heroes in town. But yes, don't get your panties in a wad, I will learn to jump the car myself one day soon. Just so I can if they aren't there to save me. And, so I can teach my girls that they can take care of themselves too. If they have to.

And I will thank God for sons that take care of women! I'm sure it will get them in trouble with some enlightened, feminist one day. But, I don't care!


The Source said...

Way to go Parker and Noah!! I just told the hubby that he should teach our twins to do the same...and he's still laying in the floor laughing! He says they'd blow up the car AND the house and possibly their eyebrows, too. I think it makes a difference that mine are the babies in this family...and so they get a bad rap. LOL

I'm really proud of your guys. They're awesome young men.

Annie said...

Love this post!! They do have seem to grow up way too fast but sometimes, that's a good thing!!! Boys do love their Mommas!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

A mama does need her sons! Oh, how I love my sons!!!

Maeve O'Rieley said...

Geez, they are growing up! I dunno, all my brothers are getting so BIG! It seems like just yesterday I was constantly surounded by three little curly-hair boys calling me "sissy". Now I have three GUYS who are all taller than me... As if I didn't already have a complex. *sigh*

You need to get that hunk'o'juck looked at b4 it explodes.

And, as a femenist - not a rabid, radical femenazi mind you - I can't see anything wrong with a man wanting to take care of his lady. I have a problem when he thinks he HAS to bc she can't take care of herself. MY brothers know the differance! (bc they have good Mamas ;P) The femenazi's who get their knickers in a twist over a man opening a door for them are the reason Chivelry died. What's wrong with smalls shows of deferance and respect? So what if it's gender based? ...this is me, dancing on my soapbox...I'll stop now...

wingepr said...

your boys have just reduced me to tears. Great sons you have. Dont feel bad, I'm the same as you!