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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mile Stones

Guess who has started dressing herself?

I know what you're thinking....well geesh,
she's four years old,
shouldn't she have been dressing
herself for a while now?

That's kinda what I was thinking too.

Clearly, we have no idea
what it's like to try to dress oneself
with absolutely no balance what. so. ever.

Even sitting down, it's hard for her.
And, she just never tried.
My theory is that she knew it would be hard.
Being "like my kids" is hard.
She knows this by now.

So, this is the year that she becomes an independent dresser.
I decided. So, I put her clothes in front of her said, "get dressed."

"MOM! All by myself......without anyone?????"


She works hard.
But, that is not new to her.

She can't just watch Isabel and repeat.
She had to come up with a way on her own.

She does not give up.
This is what her therapist loves about her.

Pants come off way easier than they go on.
So, she chooses a dress.
She's pretty smart that way, you know.

Believe it or not, socks are not as easy as you think...
especially when you have so little muscle in your foot
that you can't make your foot go where you want it to go.

But, look at that happy face!

Sorry about the holes!
That can't be helped.
Her braces do that to a new pair of socks in one wearing,
I swear it...except I don't swear.

Of course, it would be real easy for me to swoop in there and hurry this along.
But, I can't. I know I shouldn't. I won't.
Because I know, it will do her no good.

Now this is where I do step in. I can barely do the braces!
She wanted to try, so she did for a few minutes.

Then she conceded and let me put them on.

But, she wasn't defeated. She just accepted that that was something she would have to tackle later! Because, shoes! Now shoes are so much more worth it anyway!

And, she can do shoes!


So big!
So proud!
My little girl has grown soooo much!
To think, she could barely feed herself a year and half ago!


The Source said...

Whoa! Way to go Claire! Knowing how difficult those tasks can be for a child with balance issues, I'm thrilled for her!

And good job for you, Mom, plopping her clothes in front of her and telling her to do it. It took me much longer to do that kind of thing. In fact, if not for my hubby, Pip would probably still be clueless and dependent.

Still...the coolest part to that she is actually KNEELING on one knee! Not holding on to anything. Excuse me. That takes some major coordination! We've been working on that for 12 years...I'm jealous!

Katie said...

Goooo Claire! Goooo Mama!

Annie said...

YAY Claire!!!!!! That is just super cool!!! She is one determined, beautiful little girl!!

Michelle said...

yeah girl!!!! that is one cute dress, casey will love it in a few years!!!

Mama S said...

Way to go Claire. This is fantastic but then so is Claire! I am so amazed every day at all the new things she can do. It seems like all of a sudden shen has jumped by leaps and bounds with new stuff that she can do. Keep it up girl!

Love Meme