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Hey child up and go; A big world is out there waiting for us to live in every day. Outside you will find, there is love all around you; Takes you, makes you wanna' say; That it's a beautiful life and it's a beautiful world and it's a beautiful time to be here, to be here, to be here. -Fisher

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This Is What I Know

Everyone wants to know what I know about Asher.  The truth is, not much.  When we saw our little guy, he had a few pages of information attached to his pictures.  Five pages to be exact.  That's it.  So.  This is what I know....

I know that he was born on xxxxxxxx!  But do I really?  No.  Because he wasn't found until April 6th, 2008.  His birth date was decided on by the civil affairs bureau where he was found.  We will accept that date as his birth date.......well, because what else can we do? 

I know that about 11 months ago he weighed in at 26lbs and was 34 inches tall!  But, I don't know how big he's gotten since then. 

I know that he has a congenital heart defect.  Acleistocardia to be exact.  Also more commonly called patent foramen ovale.  Sounds scary!  It's not.  It's a small flap like opening between the left and right upper chambers of the heart.  It's there in all normal fetuses and would normally close sometime after birth.  In most people, it's closed by the 2nd birthday at the latest.  But, it is still present in one out of four adults.  It should not cause him any issues and he may still outgrown it.  Could his heart defect be worse than that?  Well, this is international adoption, folks.  Yes.  It is possible that something is not in his file. 

I know that he has G6PD deficiency.  What does this mean?  Well I'm still learning, but the reaction of all three of the doctors that have been told this was, "Oh, don't feed him Fava beans!"  Hmmmmm.....what is a fava bean anyway?  Turns out it isn't anything we eat.  I've never even seen one!  But, G6PD deficiency means that he lacks a certain enzyme needed so the red blood cells can function properly.  What that has to do with the fava, I have no idea.  But, this deficiency can cause hemolytic anemia.  A severe anemia triggered by certain medications, foods (fava beans) and even infections.  Most people with this condition live normal lives and never have a symptom.  At his exam in May of last year, Asher was slightly anemic. 

I know that he'll need to learn to sleep in a little!  'Cause right now he gets up at 6:00am and that is unnatural, people!  I know that, thank goodness, he knows the meaning of the word no!  And, I know that his growth report was marked "obstinate sometimes".  I think he'll fit right in! His favorite toy is a car and his favorite thing to do is play games.  He eats a lot of rice and has a good appetite.  Still fitting in here! 

That is about all I can glean from his papers.  Trust me, I went through them with a fine toothed comb!  But, that is not all I know.

I know that he is my son.

I know that it doesn't matter to me if he was born on June 9th or June 13th or May 1st or July 30th.  He is my son. 

I know that it doesn't matter if he outgrows his heart defect or needs a blood transfusion.  He is my son.

I know that if he gets up at 6am, I will get up at 6am and he eats rice, I'll make rice.  He is my son.

I know that if I think about the fact that he's an ocean away and I won't get to see him for months and months I may go crazy!  I know that I pray for his safety and his health every day and every night.   I know that I want to hold him and check him over from head to toe and count his fingers and toes and squeeze him and smell him (after his bath...definitely after the first bath!)  and look into those dark eyes and see those lips form a smile and hear his tiny voice for the first time.  Even if it's crying at first.   

He is my son!


Annie said...

You are so right, Chelsea!! He is your son and that is enough!!! You also know another thing about Asher, he is just ADORABLE!!!!

The Sharp Family said...

Just beautiful :) Norah had PFO also. We took her to MUSc and of course had her checked out. There is nothing that they can do really. No more check-ups for her :) LOVe following your bloggy :)

Christine said...

Chelsea he sounds like a keeper to me! His picture is precious!

Michelle said...

you can make his bday 6-21-7!!!! that is a good day! he is about the size of casey so he needs 2t bottoms & can wear 3 & 4t shirts. i am not sure if there are enough toys at your house to keep him occupied though. i am ready for you to go get him while it is warm so we can all go to the beach!!! & when i am there i wont feed him fava beans (as soon as i figure out what they are!) come on home asher!

wingepr said...

What a sweet post. Funny how we just know!

God created that special little boy just for you, even an ocean away, he already has his mommys heart.

Praying the paperchase goes smoothly and wait is not too long.

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Tears...what a blessed moment when you can say, "This is my child." it doesn't matter. None of the details matter. This is my child.
You are blessed, dear sister,

The Source said...

What in the world are fava beans anyway?

Asher will fit in perfectly amidst the fun-filled, action-packed chaos and love in your house! Can't wait to hear all about him once you have him in your arms. He sounds like a delightfully normal child (obstinance and all) except of course for the fact that he WAKES UP AT 6 AM! But you'll have that cured in no time.

Lots of prayers from our house along the way...

The Source said...

Oh, more thing...are you sure his birthday isn't June 12th? Heather says she's positive THAT'S it.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Don't ya just love how you just know?

I may just see you in China. We will be on similar timelines. wink wink! Because I have seen her and I know!