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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hotel Gour: Part II Birthday Version!

So, I guess you guys have been dying to get another post about what we did all summer long. Right?
Yeah, that's what I thought. Well, you're getting it anyway. Because, guess what. We had a couple of Birthday Girls hanging around this summer!  So we had to celebrate Gour style, don'tchaknowit!

Isabel and Mia, born on the same day.....just six years apart! In different countries. So who knows what that really means with the time zone differences and all?

We had our customary breakfast-n-bed for the girls.

Well, it isn't actually in bed, so much as it was served at Isabel's palate on the the boys room. Which just happens to be where she slept the entire month of July. Happily!

Sweet Mia with her sweet roll....a little confused about all this food in the bedroom! And so early in the mornin' too!
This was just the precursor to our birthday dinner later in the day. We filled the day with a basketball game and a trip to the pool if memory serves me correct. And then enjoyed a lovely messy dinner of baked ziti and CAKE!

Doesn't she wear it well?  I mean what good is eating baked ziti if you can't really get into it!  Right?

Beautiful Mia turned 3!

And Isabel, also beautiful,  turned 9!

NINE!  That is one year away from double digits, y'all!  How can my girl be getting so big and so old? Where does the time go? Having her birthday with Mia just reminded me of what it was like when she was so little!

And Mia just happens to be SO. STINKIN'. CUTE!

See what I mean?

I so wish I'd gotten video of this. I laughed so hard everytime she said it.  I'm not saying where she learned to this phrase {thankyouverymuchbeccagulke}!  But it is too cute to hear a prissy,dressed up three year old with attitude saying it!

A girl and her favorite things:  Elmo and tutus!

Isabel was lucky enough to have had an Iceskating party the weekend before with cousins and friends galore! I'd love to show you all the highlights from that wonderous event.  But, I can't.  Blogger and Picasa and I are having some issues.  Namely, I can't upload anymore pictures to this blog until I pay for more storage.  Boo Hiss!  But, I guess I'll be breaking down and doing that today because they have me over a barrel here, folks!  And, plus the hubby said to just do it before I get a headache trying to figure out a way around it.  Which I'm pretty sure there isn't. 

The happy birthday princess!

Surrounded by best friends and cousins!

Christian's first time was a big hit!

Look Mom, NO HANDS! 

And clearly, Claire's still got it
 As you can see, she is just as talented at skating now as she was back in the winter when she graced the ice for the first time! 

Recognize that beauty on the left?  Yep, that would be Darling Daughter from over at Not a Significant Source.  She visited again this year for the better part of the week and managed to make herself one of Claire's all time favorite buddies ever!

And, she makes a great skating partner too!

Jordan and Maggie having a good time!

The special cake!

Special God sister!

And my beautiful girl at the center of it all! 

She had a great birthday and she is thankful to all the friends and family that came and enjoyed it with her!

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