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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

These are a Few of My His Favorite Things

Before you break out in song from the reference to Sound of Music.....oh, is that just me?  Well fine.  Before I break out in song {yes, I know you don't want to hear it}, I thought I'd share a few photos from this morning's recess playtime.

As we've gotten to know our boy and he's gotten to do/have/experience things I'm not sure he ever did/had/experienced before, it's been pretty easy to see what he likes and doesn't like.  He's easy to read like that. 

I put broccoli in the buggy at the store and say "Yummy".  Asher looks at me, shakes his head and says "No yummy!" His likes are just as easy to distinguish as his dis-likes are. 

There are two things that Asher asks for as soon as he wakes every morning. Cereal!  Bicycle!  In that order, too.  He races to get dressed {in his Cwars shirts, of course} and get to the kitchen for some grub.  A bowl of cereal later and he is ready to ride!

And ride and ride! 

Like the pink shades? He found those yesterday and has decided they are the bomb! Claimed them for himself and I dare you to touch them.  He will have a fit.

What could be cooler than a Spider Man bike and pink polka dot shades?  I mean, really.  Does it get any better? 

Yes, he cuts his sister off like this all the time.  And, runs into her!  Don't worry about her too much.  She's got gumption.  She will take him down in b-ball!

When we need a break from biking, basketball is the fall back activity of choice!

Then we have to play with "My trucks!" that his super cool Godparents gifted him with last week. 

These are just a few of his favorite things!

Now, I'm off to find a copy of The Sound of Music somewhere.
At least I know that Isabel will watch it with me!

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The Source said...

Little boys! Love 'em! And that one is about as cute as humanly possible. He's got such an adorable smile. And apparently he's quite intelligent, too....broccoli isn't what I'd call "yummy" either. Healthy, eys. Yummy, no. I'm betting that child won't be fooled with your hummus-and-cracker "Oreos."

He seems to be settling right in to the House of Gour. ;)