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Hey child up and go; A big world is out there waiting for us to live in every day. Outside you will find, there is love all around you; Takes you, makes you wanna' say; That it's a beautiful life and it's a beautiful world and it's a beautiful time to be here, to be here, to be here. -Fisher

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yes, there is more. We have been up to so much more since Lizzie's graduation in early May! May began with that bang and continued on with the start up of swim team. We have four swimming this year! One of the twins has opted not to swim, but Asher, Claire, Isabel and Parker are enjoying the season.  

Claire's big deal of the year is that she is swimming with no floatation devices at all this season! None. She is also able to swim the 25 meters without touching a line line or wall. Boy has she come a long way for this, her third year swimming! 

Asher is following right along. Although he was on the team last year, he never swam in a meet because he really didn't learn to swim. This year, we started out about the same as last year, but he finally got the hang of it and was in his first ever meet a week ago! The day before his big meet, he impressed the coach by swimming freestyle the entire 25 meters in 47.49 seconds! Pretty good for his first time. The night of the meet, bless him, he completely forgot how to do freestyle and pretty much doggie paddled the whole way. But, he made it and he did not touch the wall or the lane line!

June means we celebrate one of the best days of the year! Father's Day. It's the best because my kids have the best. I was blessed to know from the beginning that Paul would be the kind of father that would sacrifice to be the best father he could be. I got to see him in action with Lizzie while we dated. And that sealed the deal!

Though Lizzie was not with us, Paul and I have managed to get ourselves blessed with 5 of the best kids on Earth! And they love their Daddy beyond measure! 

Which is still only a fraction of how much he loves them!

And since it was Father's Day, Daddy got to pick the activities for the day. We started with church, of course, grabbed a bite at a favorite spot in town and headed to the bowling ally. Daddy wanted to bowl with his kids! 

The kids had a blast!

Have I mentioned how much the boys have grown up in the last few months? 

Let's not mention it.

Daddy is happier if we don't!

 Even with all that, we managed to squeeze in a VBS week and some time hanging with friends to "do projects".  In other words, neat ideas that we see but don't have a slice of time for during the school year.


 Like making squishy bags with hair gel and food coloring and glitter.

 Pretty cool, huh?

Claire thought so!

 Even the big girls had a blast with this idea!

I Spy Bottles were also a hit that day!

 That's the great thing about these kids. They don't need much to be entertained! Just a friend and a simple activity like stuffing pom-poms into cups in with a hole in the lid. 

So, we have successfully moved from spring to summer and my blog is pretty well caught up. 

I hope to post some more, but it's about to get crazy around here as we move all the kids bedrooms around to see if we can make room for more!

And on that note, I bid you adieu!

*I wrote this a few days ago and scheduled it to post today. Today is Asher's birthday so look for a post with Party Pictures to come very soon!*

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Hezra said...

i have been away for a while. lol as in parenting my three new kids with my five previous ones and feeling like i never get off my island... I have missed your blog!! Your big boys have done what MINE has! He is 15 and suddenly looks 17. And I am so stealing these VBS activities. I am the mom of a kinder kid again. I said if I had to teach phonics one more time I would scream. Can you hear it??? At your place!??