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Hey child up and go; A big world is out there waiting for us to live in every day. Outside you will find, there is love all around you; Takes you, makes you wanna' say; That it's a beautiful life and it's a beautiful world and it's a beautiful time to be here, to be here, to be here. -Fisher

Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Flight

Or we could have titled this Isabel's Adventure!

After a month of counting down the days.
And tearing off links from her paper chain...

Isabel got to check something off her Bucket List.

She got to FLY!

Every year, we trek to St. Louis for a visit to our favorite Doctor, Dr. Dobbs.  And every year we make a family vacation out of it.  And every year, it takes us on a 9 day adventure across the US.  An awesome adventure that we love, because we get to see some of our favorite friends along the way! 

But this year, we found Paul's vacation bank a little short on days after three weeks in China and our bank account a little short on funds, what with the gas prices right now! 

So, we called up the Shriner's and they graciously offered to fly us out this year!  When I went online to find a couple of tickets, I actually found a great deal at Southwest.  So great in fact, that we decided to surprise Isabel with her own ticket to fly! 

Talk about excited!  She has been beside herself for weeks.  And driving us a little bit crazy too.  We were thankful that this day finally arrived.  Seriously! 

And this turned out to be the perfect adventure for her.  No delayed flights or cancellations!  Two flights that were just long enough for the girls to be excited, but not so long that boredom and restlessness could set in.  We flew from Charleston to Baltimore and then onto St. Louis. 

It also turned out to be perfect because the people at Southwest are so nice!  Isabel asked a flight attendant if he could take a picture of the pilot for her and he took her right up to the cockpit!  The pilot turned everything on so she could see how it worked and they cut up with her for a few minutes. 

Funny thing though, she would not sit by the window.  She totally loved flying, but really didn't want to see how high she was.  She took the aisle seat and was happy.  She even got to use the bathroom....which of course, is totally part of the experience.  And, she thought she would be sucked out of the plane when she flushed! 

So, where are the pictures of Isabel's adventure?  Well, they are stuck on my camera.  See, I didn't bring the big camera.  Just my little point and shoot.  And that camera?  Has a tiny memory card that requires an adapter to fit into the card slot on my laptop.  Where is said adapter?  Yep.  It's a home. 

I knew I'd forget something.  At least it wasn't my underwear, right?

Pictures to come....Tuesday!

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