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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photo Upload!

So we made it home and I was finally able to upload the pictures from Isabel's very first flight! She had complete control of the camera for this trip and I did not even take my Big Camera.  Just the little point-n-shoot.  Without Further Ado.....Isabel's Photo Collage:  First Flight.

Two excited a little nervous.

Obviously, this is not our plane...
or we would have bigger problems than not being able to upload pictures.

Our plane!
Looking a little worse for wear, I must say.


Can you see the excitement?  Can you?
'Cause let me tell you, I could see/hear/feel it!

Southwest is so cheap because they let the kids volunteer to pilot the planes!


But, when Isabel asked for a a quick picture of the pilot, they invited her up!
You think she was excited before!

Future pilot?

Trying to enjoy a little in-flight entertainment.

And a little snack along the way.

This concluded our two flights on Sunday.  We flew Southwest because of the fact that the tickets were so much less expensive.  It's how I was able to afford to get Isabel a ticket.  Shriners paid for mine and Claire's.  But, I have to say, even if I had money I think I would choose Southwest.  We had a wonderful experience.  The people from the check-in staff to the plane crew and pilots were all so very nice!

I'd say that even if they had not let Isabel in the cockpit.  But, they did.

So there!

Once we landed in St. Louis, we were shuttled to our beloved Frontenac hotel.  Why do we love it so much?  I have no idea except to say that we have had so many good memories made there in the last three years.  It is where we stayed on our first trip to see Dr. Dobbs and we made a family vacation out of it.  Our first vacation as a family with 4 kids.  We stayed there numerous times that summer while Dr. Dobbs worked his magic and then next summer before going on to see our friends in Chicago.  Last summer it was the stage of our travel group reunion.  So. Much. Fun!

Monday was the doctor day and for the first time, we did not actually get to see Dr. Dobbs.  We did see Kristina (his right hand man woman) and the brace guy and another doctor.  All were in agreement.  No more night brace!  YAY Claire!  Continue with AFO's and PT.  Feet lookin' good!

As much as we love St. Louis, St. Louis without a means of just not the same.  Each day we walked up and across the street to the one shopping strip that is near enough for Miss Claire to walk to.  We visited Starbucks and Poptions.  We ate ice cream and popcorn.  We walked back.  We watched TV.


Not much else to do.
It was exciting for the girls just to eat in the hotel room.

And really, the trip was all about the flying parts for them!

Tuesday, it was back to the airport!

This travel thing is old hat for these seasoned girls now so they were much more relaxed.

Isabel rode the people mover just to ride it. 

Several times.

The whole thing wore Claire slap out and she got on the second plane, covered her head with her blanket and was asleep before we took off.  Slept until we were landing in Charleston!

Isabel decided on this last leg of the trip that she was brave enough to hang out by the window long enough to snap some pictures.  I thought these were really cool. 

She did not like the idea of being stuck by the window so she would only sit in the aisle seat.  But, she did enjoy seeing the clouds up close!

The End!

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Anonymous said...

Love that photo of Isabel with the pilot!!!! Future pilot indeed. Here's keeping my fingers crossed that we have another one who loves to fly!!! :)