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Hey child up and go; A big world is out there waiting for us to live in every day. Outside you will find, there is love all around you; Takes you, makes you wanna' say; That it's a beautiful life and it's a beautiful world and it's a beautiful time to be here, to be here, to be here. -Fisher

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three Months

Okay, it's really pushing 4 months since we made Asher a Gour.  But as usual, I haven't had time for the update.  Now that my summer has officially unofficially started, I hope to be more on the ball. 

Officially unofficial? 

Yeah, that is what happens when you can officially call it a year, but one of the kids still has some school work to finish before you feel like you can be done.  Gotta love homeschooling!

So, what have the last three almost four months looked like from here? I guess you remember the handful of a kid we picked up in China, right?  Well, he has settled in quite nicely!

Is he still a handful?  Sure.  But, we wouldn't have it any other way!

The little guy that screamed out in the night without fulling waking, now sleeps soundly on his hand-made dog print pillow every night.  As a matter-of-fact, he has graduated from Mom and Dad's room to sleeping in the room with the girls.  Why not the boys?  Well, after much consideration, we thought that since he went to bed at the same time as Claire, it would make more sense to put his jr. bed in there for now.  It will probably only last a few months and then we are hoping to move the big boys downstairs and give Asher his own room. 

The fella that would shake his head no at everything thing on his plate, now eats many American dishes without so much as a second thought.  There are things he doesn't care for, but he will usually take a bite or two anyway.  Could I ask more of a three year old?  I think not!  And he gobbled up my weak attempt at making a Chinese maybe his palate isn't all that refined anyway.  Hmmm................

You remember the boy that threw an absolute fit every time we told him that he could not have something he decided he wanted? 

Well, he still hangs out here some days.

But, other days, Asher is just a big sweetie!

He and Claire are usually found playing together as best buds.  They enjoy many of the same things right now and that is working out great......except when they want the same toy at the same time.  But, since I have already been there done that with twins, I knew this was bound to happen. 

He has learned to say "Yucky" when we pass by the golden arches!

He expects me to say "no" when he asks for junk and toys in the stores.  He rarely makes a fuss anymore. He loves his doggies and his kitty cat!  He loves to jump on the trampoline, ride his bike and play whatever Claire is playing.  His trucks and cars are his favorite toys and he is all about Lighting McQueen! 

He loves his Mama and his Daddy.  He also loves his fingers and his Woobie.  Woobie is a rag.  Just a know, like a wash cloth.  He came with Woobie.  It was explained to us that he could not sleep without Woobie.  But, he has.  Some nights he seems to need Woobie more than others.

When Woobie comes out, the fingers go in.  For that matter, so does Woobie.  He sticks his fingers in him mouth and his Woobie in his ear.  His ear?  A little strange maybe.  I'm sure we will never know why.  But, then why does Claire chew on her blankie?  No idea. 

Why do we call it a Woobie?  Ummm......yeah, I do not know.  I think I heard a lovey called that on tv and it stuck in my brain.  I started calling it that and now he does too.  At least it's more creative than blankie.  Isabel and Claire both have blankies.  If you ask me, that is akin to naming your cat, Kitty.  Of course, you didn't ask me and maybe you did name your cat, Kitty.

He loves the pool too and that is a good thing since we spend just about every afternoon there!  He is a little more cautions around spray pools and fountains, but eventually gets into the action. 

And his English?  Oh. My.  Immersion does wonders for language development, I tell you.  He is all English, all the time now.  Which is kind of sad.  He won't even say a word in Mandarin now and he gets upset if we ask some local Chinese to speak to him.  We hear this is normal when they are first fitting into the family and developing their English skills, but I'm sad just the same.  Of course, I wanted him to speak English, but I would have loved for him to hang onto his Madarin as well.  IF I had the money, we would have a tudor!

That's all for this update, but check back tomorrow!  I do intend to keep this up and I have something really cool to show you!  Plus also,  three of us are about to take a little trip that is least to one of us and she really wants you to hear all about it.  So news of that coming soon.  And also, the big boys are on an adventure of their own right now that I might get to share about.  And, for my friend Andrea, more recipes!


Marti Pieper said...

I can see what I already knew.
You all are JUST the right parents for Asher.

I can't believe how grown-up all your kids are getting. I'm used to mine growing up (the oldest is the only one who's shorter than I am now) but yours? Craziness--and the glory of God.

HUGS and prayers from Florida--

Anonymous said...

Woobie is from the movie Mr. Mom. That's what the little boy's blanket was called. Happy to read that everything is going well for your beautiful family.

Renee said...