Beautiful Life

Hey child up and go; A big world is out there waiting for us to live in every day. Outside you will find, there is love all around you; Takes you, makes you wanna' say; That it's a beautiful life and it's a beautiful world and it's a beautiful time to be here, to be here, to be here. -Fisher

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This is what I recently discovered when getting Claire up one morning. It is a sore on her ankle, obviously caused by one of her braces. She wears AFOs all day long so she can walk and a Dobbs brace at night to keep her feet from reverting back to their original club foot state. A Dobbs brace is essentially just a pair of AFOs attached with a bar between them. We had noticed a little redness around her ankle, but were unable to determine which brace was causing it. After seeing this Friday morning, we thought we pinned it down to the Dobbs brace. Well, that thing came from St. Louis, so that will be a wee bit inconvenient to have that orthotist look at it! We put a call into Dr. Dobb's staff to see what we should do. In the mean time, I let her sleep without if for a few days. I just couldn't stand the thought of her ankle getting worse. Sadly, she didn't seem to notice the sore at all, and did not complain about it. That is just a another indicator of how much nerve damage there is in that area and a reminder of how careful we have to be to keep an eye on her feet for her. What she did notice, was that we put her to bed without her brace! She did not like that at all! Talk about "creature of habit". She cried hard for ten minutes and off and on for another 30! But, once she got it all out, she managed to get over it. Thankfully, we found out that our local orthotist should be able to fix the issue and we got into to see him on Monday. He thinks he figured the problem out, but it will take a few days to be sure. While we wait for the sore to clear up, Claire's ankle needs a break and she can not wear her AFOs during the day. Did you hear that......yes, it was her heart shattering into a million bazillion pieces. No AFOs? That means no shoes and that means no walking! And, that translates to an unhappy child! And, a sad Mommy. Folks, she begs for her AFOs. "I wuv to walk, Mommy."

I am about to head over to the Wednesday Prayer Meetin' and we would love it if you would join us. Significant Source always has a good message for the day and you may need to hear it! I usually do. I know that the sore on Claire's ankle is a small issue, but I also know that it matters to her Heavenly Father anyway, so I ask that you please pray for quick healing so that Claire can get back in her AFOs and back on her feet....where she wants to be!


anna said...

I wondered where you were! A sore on the very spot that has to cooperate with the AFOs that help her WALK, of all things, is soooo not a small thing. I'm sending kisses to those sweet feet & ankles and prayers for healing (and Mama's sanity). I know it's joy to hear how much she loves to walk, and to know all that God has done to even make that a possibility, but knowing He is faithful doesn't stop a 3 year old's frustration. Hang in there, you super Mama. Peace to you & your houseful :)

The Source said...

Awww...poor baby, those sores can get bad quickly and escape notice when a child doesn't have as much sensation in their lower extremities. Glad you saw it right away! DId I ever tell you about the time Pip had GLASS embedded in his knee??

We're all praying that the orthotist has her brace corrected and her ankle is healed and Claire is back on her little feet in no time!

You know I have a 3 year old sized wheelchair that you can have in case you ever need it...I know she wouldn't use it much but maybe riding in a cool green contraption that she can wheel herself might take away the sting of being unable to walk on occasion. Of course it has Pip's name embroidered on the seat-back. But still...if you ever think you want it let me know.

Michelle said...

aaawww, poor girl. get better soon!

Maeve O'Rieley said...

Poor baby! Give her my love! Miss you all loads!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Praying for that sore to go away! We've had sores on Ellie's feet, too, sores that she didn't notice.
Praying for sweet peace for Mama,