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Monday, May 18, 2009

Un-Extreme Home Makeover: Phase II Part 4

The Floor in a Weekend?

Yeah, NOT. Especially not this weekend. My sister, Amy, emailed last week to ask if she could come for a quick visit.....ummmm, YES! Family.....more important than flooring. But, we decided we had used too many excuses we put off working on the floor for too long and needed to at least start it this weekend regardless. Amy and Charles were down with that since they are contemplating their own DIY tiling project and wanted to watch the masters at work learn from our mistakes!
Note to all you DIYers out there: while putting down 6 inch tiles in a 3foot x 3foot bathroom might be a one girl job....putting down 20 inch tiles in a 10foot x 30foot kitchen, not so much a one man job! Oh, and definitely spring for the spacers and the levelers. Another tip-if you try to mix 50 pounds of thin-set with your cheap cordless drill, you might want to buy another one....'cause you might need it after you burn up the first one. And guys, that thin-set stuff does not keep overnight in the bucket....I'm just saying!
So, we finally got it started and I'm very excited to say that after two days of intense labor.....on Paul's part.....
with a little help from me and kids......
we got the dining area set! Well, I haven't grouted yet. And we still have the whole other end of the kitchen to go.....but, it's getting there! One more weekend and we might get it finished. Might.
I don't actually participate in Not Me! Monday, but I know some of you bloggers do. So, in honor of Not Me! Monday, allow me to share with you that I most certainly DID NOT go to the SC Aquarium with my sister and the kids on Saturday afternoon....... while Paul stayed home and tiled the kitchen floor....alone...with no help....because a fabulous wife such as myself would not do that.

Nope. Not Me!


Michelle said...

LOL Casey can help him next week! maybe she could put some of that cement up her nose...

The Source said...

It's looking good! Tell Paul we're proud of him. How is Noah's arm? Will he be out of his cast soon?

Brianna said...

Not you, ya say? Really? Cause I have pictures of some crazy woman with your kids at the aquarium with us. That wasn't you? Cause she stole your face if it wasn't.

Nice job on the floor. Does this mean you aren't coming this weekend? :(