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Hey child up and go; A big world is out there waiting for us to live in every day. Outside you will find, there is love all around you; Takes you, makes you wanna' say; That it's a beautiful life and it's a beautiful world and it's a beautiful time to be here, to be here, to be here. -Fisher

Friday, May 8, 2009


Okay, if you read yesterday's post, you know it was my anniversary. I did not spend it with the love of my life, as he was.......yeah, you guessed it, out of town. Nothing new there. But, it was for a good cause! It seems we have gotten quite accustomed to three meals a day and a roof over our heads. So, we'd like him to keep his job!

Since I couldn't be with him, I ended up looking at our wedding photos. Boy we looked young...and it was only 15 years ago!! You don't realize just how much you have changed until you look at old pictures.

I scanned some of them in to share. This might only really be fun for the people that were in the photos. The rest of you are free to move on to more interesting blogs if you want to. I won't be offended. Really! But, if you do stick around there is a surprise at the bottom. I kept digging in my old pictures and I came up with an few old prom pictures! Can you say "dork".
This is a picture from 1992, the year we met and started dating. That is the skirt I was wearing the night we met. I know I'm a dork, because I know that! I'm an even bigger dork.....because I still have that skirt! Oh yes I do!
This is one of my favorite pictures from the wedding. Lizzie was 4 1/2 that day and she was so tiny and blond! SO cute! After we walked down the aisle and got into places, she left hers, ran over to Paul and hugged his leg from behind. I didn't see it until I saw the video, but it would just melt your heart!
Joanne Rice (junior bridesmaid), Kim Taylor, Michelle Lotspeich (Prince), Me, Jennifer Fentress (my sister), Amy Shaw (Ryan-my sister), Stephanie Rice (junior bridesmaid)
My wedding party. Yes, I love purple and yes I made them wear those dresses. Sorry!
This is a picture of me with my junior bridesmaids, Stephanie and Joanne Rice. They were little girls that I babysat for everyday for several years. They are both married with children now! How is that possible?
The groomsmen. Mark Weatherford, (first note that he is standing one stair down from the other guys but is still just as tall! HE walked with my tiny junior bridesmaid, Joanne!) Curtis Ray, David Gour, Paul, Glen Stroud (his Dad), Bruce Root (his best friend and roommate from The Citadel), Mark Fentress (my brother-in-law) and my Daddy!
At the reception. SO YOUNG!
My parents! My example of a what marriage was all about.
Drum roll! My senior prom.......don't you love how my date wore a pink bow tie and cumberbund ??? Because it went with what I was wearing and I liked pink. Cool right? Say it was cool! I actually dated David for 9 months. Does he look a little young here? Yeah, he was freshman. I was 17, he was 14....maybe 15. Yikes!
And, if that wasn't dorky enough......we thought it would be cute to have our pictures made together... with our double date best friend, Michelle and her date, Steve. Lovely! We look like a singing quartet!

Her date's tie and cumberbund were peach to match her dress. Can we say a collective "Awwwww". LOL!


The Source said...

Oh. My. Just...oh my. Oh my goodness. The cuteness is overwhelming.

I don't think I look as young as you in MY wedding photos and I was only 19 years old! My cousin and his bride had the same wedding colors.

The who is that boy?? Cause I don't know, but he looks a little familiar. He looks like Doug Nunziato or Jeff Kane. But not. Very adorable in his pink and gray. And you and Michelle look lovely, too. Don't make me go dragging out my old photos. Cause, uh, I don't have many but what I do have?? Pitiful!

Anonymous said...

the prom pictures made me laugh!! You and Paul looked like 2 kids getting married

Maeve O'Rieley said...

It's like a backwards time line - you hair seems to get bigger in every pic! lol

Is it just me or is Daddy only able to pull off the gote know that he's older, bc that pic of him w one young...not so good. And don't get me statred on that shirt!

I love you! :3

Brianna said...

That was forever ago, but at the same time, I was born a year after that pic of you and uncle Paul(1992) was taken. So much happened in only 15 years. The whole freakin' world changed in 15 years and 15 years seems like nothing when you first hear it, and then you realize.... "Everything Changes" -Staind
Meme is skinny and dancing at your wedding. Wow, Meme hasn't been able to stand very long without support in forever, let alone DANCE.
You're making me get all sentimental, and it's not even my life. :)
Y'all look so cute (in all the pictures).
lol. Funny stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Just a lurker that found you through a friend of mine who adopted two orphaned brothers from China. I love your blog! You update frequently and have so much to say. It's a joy to read. Please post the renovation update. Uh...did Paul get that sink put together???

wingepr said...


Looks like you had a great example of what a marriage looks like.

Michelle said...

gggeeee, thanks for those pics! awesome hu? i still have my peach dress. but sorry your purple one is gone :( i still love you though!