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Hey child up and go; A big world is out there waiting for us to live in every day. Outside you will find, there is love all around you; Takes you, makes you wanna' say; That it's a beautiful life and it's a beautiful world and it's a beautiful time to be here, to be here, to be here. -Fisher

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I don't even know where to begin. I want to apologize to all my adoring fans my mom and the three avid readers who have been waiting patiently sending hate mail to my facebook account encouraging me to find the time to update sooner rather than later!

It's not writer's block and I really have no excuses since finishing my "sewing project". Unless you count a little holiday cooking and holiday cleaning. Oh, and decorating for Christmas, a little holiday travel and some holiday shopping. It's not even worth mentioning that we also had several school projects going these past few weeks, or that Isabel had to make 24 gifts for her American Girl Club Christmas party. I won't bother telling you about the mound of paperwork I had to do to try and get more services for Claire. Or the interview we had with a state employee to do with said paperwork. Let me see.....then there was piano lessons and extra practice for our holiday songs, basketball started and both Claire and I had doctor's appointments, and of course it's time for our Advent activities here on the home front and we have cookingandlaundryandcleaningandschool. But other than that, I've just been sitting around here doing nothing, thankyouverymuch! Nothing at all. Ho hum.

But, before I start losing readers to more interesting blogs. Blogs that update regularly. I thought I'd give you a quick peek at some of our recent activities. Because I know pictures is why some of you tune in at all. Mom.

Unfortunately, I'm less than excited with the quality of pictures I get with my camera and so, I do not take the quantity of pictures that is standard for me. Take this picture for example. This is our "Family Thanksgiving". We celebrated the weekend before Thanksgiving because that was when we would have Lizzie with us. It was great fun to have her for the weekend and to prepare my first Holiday-Meal-In-My-New-Kitchen! I tell you, the kitchen makes a big difference! The food was wonderful, if I do say so myself. The table was gorgeous, and it was so nice not feel like you were in a classroom while we ate. But, the picture is not so great. At least you get to see my sweet window! I don't think I've loved a feature more than that window.

Again with the not-so-good-pictures. But, he enjoyed the turkey leg! As you can clearly see! And he needs to go to manners classes. As you can clearly see.
That concludes our pictures of Family Thanksgiving.
See what I mean?

After enjoying our Family Thanksgiving immensely, I coerced my sister-in-law into hosting our other Family Thanksgiving got started planning our other Family Thanksgiving with my sister-in-law. I started by helping her decide that it should be at her house! Since her husband was on call and all, that helped cinch the deal. LOL! And, Jeanie and I, for all our hard work and cooking, got crowned Queens for a Day! Aren't we just lovely. Courtesy of the little princesses themselves: Lindsay, Jordan and Isabel. Lucky us!

The crew of cousins at David and Jeanie's house on Thanksgiving Day!

The sweet kids table full of cousins! Fun times!

It was a wonderful few days spent with Paul's brother's family.
Before the leftovers had cooled completely we had to run along home to decorate our tree. Because you know that only left 29 days until Christmas!!!

It's a family affair at our house. Paul gets everything out of the attic and he and the boys use the air compressor to blow the dust off the tree. What? Everyone doesn't use their air compressor to blow the dust off their tree???
Do you have a real tree? Must be nice if you do. We used to have real trees. But, after five years of doctor's visits, nebulizer breathing treatments, steroids and SICK kids the week following the tree decorating ceremony at our house.....every darn year.....the light bulb went off! We're quick that way.
We got used to our fake tree. And there are many pros to having one. You don't have to water it for one. And, you only have to pay for it once! It won't die either. But, I guess sitting in our living room for a little over a month every year takes it's toll. It comes out of the attic sputtering and coughing.....or maybe that's my husband. heh.
So we use the air compressor! Our neighbors already thought we were nuts!
Then the kids help Paul put it together. Piece by piece. We're too cheap to buy one of those new-fangled-pop-up-prelit jobs! Which means, I get light duty right after the branches have been toyed with.

Bend this one thataway. Bend that one thisaway. It doesn't matter, you can still see the pole in the middle where a trunk should be. Whatever.
Then the fun begins. The kids love to hang the ornaments! And I go behind them and move all the ornaments into more suitable places later am so easy going, I just let them pile the ornaments on where ever they like! So long as it's where I want them their happy with their masterpiece! Because that's what matters. You know?

While we decorate, Daddy reads one of our Advent stories. I have to say the set of books I bought years ago by Arnold Ytreeide is one of the best purchases I ever made! I was looking for something to do with the kids that would help our family keep Christ at the center of our Christmas. It isn't easy to do in our culture. These books have helped a lot. The first in the series is Jotham's Journey, next is Bartholomew's Passage and last is Tabitha's Travels. At the time that I bought them, I think I got the last printed copies. They went out of print after that for years. But, recently I've seen them resurface and if you can find them, I highly recommend them. Each story is linked and you don't really have to read them in any particular order. Plus you only read one per year, beginning on the first night of Advent. The stories are amazing and thought provoking. We are on our second go around and they really anchor our Advent activities, which include the lighting of an Advent Wreath, Bible readings and other books. Among some of our activities during this season. Some.

So, you're caught up. Happy now? I know. It could have used some more pictures. What can I say? This will have to do. At least I'm back. Right?

Excuse me, I have to go get in the car. We're heading out of town for the day.
You know, 'cause we have nothing to do around here!
Never a dull moment, I'll tell you that!


Brianna said...

The logical explaination, that I'm not going to tell you again, for why you aren't pleased with your pictures, is because you are not using a Nikon are you? I was thinking of telling you that, but then I thought better of it. ^_^'
What I decided to tell you instead, since I'm not telling you that you need a Nikon, is to take more pictures. Do you know why the great photographers have such great pictures? It's not because they are just great, or that they probably all have a Nikon, it's because they take a LOT of pictures. That increases their odds at taking a good one. So, buy a Nikon! Errr... I mean, take more pictures! :)

The Source said...

Ah...listen to Miss Brianna because she is wise beyond her years. LOL Not only about photography, but also about dating. Specifically about my son dating an older woman. (Girl, don't you know you're supposed to agree with the mama?? Baby boys of 19 should not be dating wise old ladies of 25.) I wonder why Bri thinks it's totally OK for a kid to date someone so much older? Hmmm.... LOL Love you, Brianna! Heather and I were just talking about you this week and saying we need to get together over Christmas. Maybe for some Christmas burritos at Moe's?? What do you think? a little much going on lately? Are ya'll heading this way over the holidays? Because the boys really, really hope so. And me, too. And Heather, too.

Michelle said...

you are getting as slack as i am! i dont know why either, you have way more time at the computer than i do.