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Monday, May 12, 2008


Claire Hope Kangtong Gour

Today was rainy again, as we drove all over Tianjin trying to find the orphanage! Our driver did not know the way from where the hotel was, but he was not afraid to stop and ask for directions.....about 6 times. We finally made it but Claire was not there yet. She was still driving in with her foster family. We were put in an office to wait because there were 7 families picking up children today and the room they usually exchange in was too crowded. It was not a long wait before a staff member walked in the door with a child and just handed her to me before she knew what was happening. We were not allowed to see the foster family. Claire did not cry then, but just looked around at us. She would not have anything to do with Paul until he blew some bubbles for her. Then she would at least let him talk to her but not touch her. We brought her a backpack of toys and snacks and she was very curious about what was in the pack. She unzipped it herself to take something out and then would zip it back up. She is very smart! She loved the cell phone we gave her and loved to close it and hear it ring and then open it again.

Leaving the orphanage

She was calm on the car ride too. When we got to the room we set her on the bed and she played for a long time. She even smiled at Paul when he played peek-a-boo with her .
First smile is for Daddy (Baba)
She likes to color too. We got her a coloring book and crayons and she colored with Paul. She is so smart, she copies everything. If he holds the crayon one way she will hold it that way and if he holds it another way, she changes too! She also loves the stacking cups we brought. She figured those out right away.

Then she got a little scared by a pillow that I moved closer to her and she began to cry. Paul got out a tissue to wipe her nose and she took it away from him to wipe it herself! She would only give him the old tissue if he gave her a new one. Then she had a good time playing in the mirror for a while but when she got tired, around nap time, she cried again. This time she cried off and on for a while but she would not take a nap. She calmed down and Daddy ordered her some room service. She is not afraid to eat! She packed away a whole plate of fried rice with vegetables

First cry

sleepy girl

She finally let Paul hold her and rocked her to sleep in his arms and laid her on the bed at 2:45, about one and a half hours after her nap time was supposed to start. I hope she goes to sleep tonight!

Well, I know everyone wants to know about her health. She uses her upper body in a completely normal way. She has great fine motor skills! She could hold a crayon better than some five year olds I've seen. She has not done much talking but she can hear and understand very well. Of course, she doesn't understand us, but she could understand our guide when she spoke to her!

She can move her legs and she can slowly crawl somewhat but she does not walk. She can stand with my help but her feet are so turned that when she stands she is standing on the top of one of her feet. One foot turns out and the other in and under. Maybe when we get her club feet corrected she will walk. I can not be sure. Her legs are not strong so she may need braces or maybe just some therapy. Dr. Johnson will be happy to hear that her teeth are so white! But one tooth is chipped. Over all, she seems to be in good health. No lice, no scabies and no runny nose!

Hopefully, she will wake up and play some more soon. I am excited to see her personality! So far she is a little shy but very curious about everything.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, your Claire is lovely!!! I'm glad all is going well.


The Source said...

She's absolutely beautiful! All our prayers are with you as you bond with your new daughter!

Observer of Life said...

Congratulations! Claire is beautiful! I know you will be a wonderful blessing in her life, and she will certainly bless yours! I'm sure that God has a wonderful plan in bringing you all together!

I heard that there was a big earthquake in China today, so I looked on the map and was relieved to see it was in a different area of China than where you are.

Our prayers are with you!

The Squire family in LCHEA

Cindi Futch said...

Oh, my, you beautiful girl! Auntie Cindi is crying at work looking at you with your forever family, and longing for the day to see you home safely!!! We miss you all and pray for you daily (and nightly). We just heard about the severe earthquake that happened; hopefully you're far enough away that you're not affected. We love you guys!!! (speaking of Dr. Johnson, I'm on my way to see him now :)

Regina said...

Oh my gosh what a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL girl!!! She is so lovely and I am bawling reading your post aloud to Frank.

She really looks like a Claire! Oh, I am beside myself with joy for you guys.

I truly hope the rest ofyour time together goes smoothly, and that you all adjust to each other.

Our thoughts are with you. We panicked when we heard about the earthquake over there, but thankfully it looks like you are not anywhere near the epicenter.

Love and blessings,
Regina & Frank

Shelbi said...

Claire is beautiful!!! I can't wait for Maddie and Gray to wake up to show them that you have Claire!! Our prayers continue to be with you. Praying your bonding continues to go well. Sounds like she may have Daddy wrapped just a bit :)

Michelle said...

just catching up here, she is beautiful! i cant wait to see her next week. i showed her to casey & she just pointed & smiled at her. i am also glad to see i am not the only one who cried when i read this.

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Congratulations! She's adorable!