Beautiful Life

Hey child up and go; A big world is out there waiting for us to live in every day. Outside you will find, there is love all around you; Takes you, makes you wanna' say; That it's a beautiful life and it's a beautiful world and it's a beautiful time to be here, to be here, to be here. -Fisher

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! Claire woke up with a fever...the same one she went to bed with, and was CRANKY! She absolutely did not want to have anything to do with me. We left our hotel at 10AM and went to the Tianjin airport with Jessie. She guided us all the way up to the security check point, which by the way was delightful! Especially when they tried to get me to put down the child THAT CAN NOT STAND ON HER OWN so they could frisk her! I got them to understand that her legs didn't work and they frisked us together. GREAT!

Eating her lunch on the plane like a big girl!


The plane ride turned out to be the highlight of the day. Claire loved sitting in her own seat between me and Paul and she loved eating her lunch on the tray table. But, she fell asleep at the end of the flight and we had to wake her up, which did not make her day! Of course, she wanted Paul and of course, he needed to get the luggage so she was not a happy camper. We had a late flight so we were just getting checked into the hotel when we needed to meet up with the travel group for our group dinner. It was great to be back with our friends from Beijing and so wonderful to see all the new additions to each family. Claire was in a terrible mood and refused to eat anything at dinner. But the meal was a delicious Thai dinner. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and went straight to bed! Like I said, it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! At least she has been sleeping better!

A miserable girl at the end of our horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day!

Today she woke up with fever again so we went ahead and started her on antibiotics. Three days of fever is long enough! She has been miserable. After our breakfast bar, we headed out with our group to a museum/park for the morning. I loved being around all the other families and getting to see all the personalities of the new children! Claire was still not feeling well but she wasn't as fussy as yesterday and she even got excited about being outside. The only nap she got was in a carrier that we borrowed and Paul wore. After the museum/park, our group went to the Pearl and Jade market and then back the hotel. About 4:00 we had a new baby on our hands! Same Claire, different personality! She suddenly perked up. She smiled, laughed, began doing simple signs and pointing to let us know what she wanted and best of all, let me play with her and hold her without a tantrum! Just when we thought it couldn't get better, she surprised us again...she started walking!! She pulled up on the side of the bed and cruised right around it! Poor thing, she is standing on the top of her right foot but she CAN stand and she CAN walk, and that is so amazing!

Group photo: Londa with Katie, Karla with Mia and Me with Claire!



Special K said...

I'm so glad Claire seems to have turned a corner. Being sick makes the transition even more difficult. Hang in there. Micah wanted nothing to do with me the whole time in Tianjin and only every once in a while in Guangzhou. It does get better. Blessings to you!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

She's so cute and looks like she's been part of your family forever!