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Friday, June 12, 2009

What Husband?

What husband would allow this "Cousin Invasion" that happens at our house every summer? What husband would actually enjoy having a house full of children that don't belong to him? What husband would look forward to this every year and claim that he misses them when they are gone at the end of the summer? What husband, indeed?

Obviously, he's brainwashed, right? Certifiable? I personally think that after the first few years he took an "if you can't beat um, join um" attitude! They were coming whether he liked it or not and he knew he didn't stand a chance of fighting it. Now, he not only enjoys getting his tail whipped at Apples to Apples joins us for game night and occasionally for chick flicks, but he plans some things he can do with them too!

'Cause what teenage girl doesn't need to know how to handle a gun? Right????

This is just scary.

Of course, the boys had a turn too!

Okay, so maybe she's a good shot and she even looks like she had fun.


The Source said...

Hurray for Paul!! Not many guys would jump in and have fun with the kids! Most would hang out in the background, pouting because they aren't getting enough attention! Hubby loves having tons of kids over, long as they will tone it down enough for him to get a little sleep at night!

We enjoyed having y'all over this Saturday. The boys can't stop talking about what nice friends your twins are. They had a great time.

Brianna said...

I'm glad he likes us now. :)
I speak for everyone when I say we love coming and it's much more enjoyable when he is interactive.
We love you Uncle Paul!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I think it's really cool and I think that you inspire a lot of people with your blog, including me.

Love, Isabel

Anonymous said...

I think you're really aweseome and that you have the coolest blog in the whole world.


Michelle said...

brooke with a gun, that is really scary!