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Monday, July 13, 2009

There She Is......

Miss A-me-ri-ca ..........ummmmm, NOT!
Oh, Miss American Girl!

On the heels of our wondrous trip to the Chicago location of American Girls Place, Isabel decided she wanted to attend an American Girl tea party put on by our local branch of B&N. She, along with 160 other girls, (I'm not kidding), descended on the store for an afternoon of tea, crafts, games, stories and a costume contest to complete the event! Many girls came out in high fashion! Some with outfits bought specifically to match their doll. Not our sweetie. See, her mom is a bit too cheap frugal to buy those outfits! So she was left to rummage through drawers and the attic to come up with something a little bit.....ummm, original, shall we say.

Instead of picking a doll and trying to make an outfit to fit the time period, we drug stuff out and decided which doll it most resembled.

How'd we do?

She found a skirt, actually a kilt, that belonged to my one and only British aunt. My aunt had given it to me in high school thinking I might like to wear it. I did wear it! Can you tell that fashion wasn't really my strong point? I thought I was cute!

Anyway. Then we dug an oxford and sweater vest out of the attic and found some Mary Janes that someone passed onto Isabel and she hasn't yet grown into. Isabel completed the outfit with her own silver locket and glasses and I found some red ribbon in the Christmas box.

VoilĂ !

Can you guess which doll she is?

Well, our little Molly look-a-like had a blast, ran into some homeschool friends and.......

ended up taking the Grand Prize in the costume contest! Which of course, turned out to be a gift card to B&N!

There she is with the other two winners, the Kit look-a-like behind her and the Felicity look-a-like in front of her! All three wore home-made outfits!


Anonymous said...

How cool is that! I sat on the couch hollering, "She's Molly! She's Molly!" before you went and admitted it. Only my favorite American Girl, that is! And what a perfect skirt! How cool that B&N was giving the props to the homemade girls! (I think that fits Molly's time more anyway.)

Way to go, Isabel! (and Chelsea)

Brianna said...

I did too (holler "Molly!"). That's probably the only American girl doll I know, and only because Great Grandma bought me all of the Molly books.
She looks great-just like her actually.
Congrats! :)