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Hey child up and go; A big world is out there waiting for us to live in every day. Outside you will find, there is love all around you; Takes you, makes you wanna' say; That it's a beautiful life and it's a beautiful world and it's a beautiful time to be here, to be here, to be here. -Fisher

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Few Good Days!

The last few days have been really good.   Lizzie was with us for the WHOLE ENTIRE WEEKEND!  That's is like unheard of these days.  So, we were super excited when she wanted to come on Thursday and stay the WHOLE ENTIRE WEEKEND!  Then it snowed and that was like icing on the WHOLE ENTIRE CAKE! 

Power loss due to said snow storm was not about to put a damper on my early Valentines plans either.  The girls got busy dipping strawberries the minute the microwave was jacked back up!  Chocolate dipped strawberries are a favorite Valentines treat in our family.

And Lizzie is a whiz in the kitchen.  A two handed, tong wielding master of salmon and asparagus!  Not the salmon that didn't survive the snow storm.  A new salmon that Paul hunted down, killed and drug home ran to the supermarket to get.  Last minute.  'Cause we didn't actually know that the old one didn't make it through the power outage until we tried to cook him!  

While the girls were slaving away in the kitchen, the boys were.....well, they weren't doing much of anything.  Because they did their thing the day before in anticipation of the fact that we might be a smidge snowed in.  But, when the time was right, they appeared, dressed and ready, with flowers, candy and balloons. 

So, we let them have some chocolate dipped berries.  I know!  We are too kind.

And this year, Claire did not cry when we told her that she absolutely could not eat all that candy in one sitting.  Unlike last year, when that news broke her heart!  She is actually the only child in the family that, four days later, still has any candy left! 

Even though it is her least favorite of holidays, Lizzie was a great sport for all of us! 

Not surprising, I am still in love with my Valentine!

Then on Sunday.  Actual Valentine's Day.  We celebrated by taking the three middle kids to Winter Jam.  Winter Jam is a big ole, CHEAP, Christian concert.  The operative word being CHEAP.  Or inexpensive if you like.  $10 at the door, people!  You can not beat that with your paddle!  No ma'am! 

We did have to wait in line for a while.  It was a bonding experience. 

Once we were in, and sitting in the 10th row who cared?
Not Isabel!

10 bucks to see the likes of Newsong and Newsboys and THIRD DAY!  THIRD DAY, y'all!

And this girl, who was little bit of screamy in my ears.  I don't mind saying.  Fireflight is not my favorite band.  But, if it's yours, that is fine.  I put my earplugs in.  Of course, I had earplugs in the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME, daddy!  Because I would never sit in the 10th row of a very loud concert, right under the very loud speakers with earplugs. Duh!  Especially not after losing my high frequency hearing to a 4 hour KI$$ concert in the 90's. 

What was I thinking?  Well, never mind.  At least now I'll lose it while praising GOD!  Not Gene whatshisface. 

My kids got a total kick out of their first concert!  And Isabel?  She maybe a junkie now.  A concert junkie!  And at such a tender age.  Maybe taking her wasn't a great idea.  She stood on her seat the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME and screamed and sang her heart out.  She clapped and danced and loved. every. minute. of. it! 

The giant balloons!

The confetti!

And most especially

This guy!  Michael Tait.  Of dc talk.  Current lead singer for Newsboys. Dancing man of God!  She loved his show! 

The boys loved that he sang Jesus Freak, because they are fans of dc talk. 

I got a kick out of the Australian drummer in the band.  I want to do Noah's hair like this!  He says, no way!  Really?  Heehee!  Because in the next day or so I'll show you what he let his sister do to him and you'll be advising him that a mohawk would be no big deal! 

But Paul and I really wanted to take the kids because of....

nuf said

20 years ago I was amid a throng of girls screaming at the barricade of center stage at Jon*Bon*Jovi in concert.  "You give love a bad name"  No kidding?  Jon*Bon*Jovi didn't know the first thing about love.  Neither did I.  But, Mac Powell.  When he sings he exudes love for his Savior.  He translates the love our Savior has for us into words we can feel.  And, I was so happy to let my kids see that.  Hear that.  

There is more to my "Good Days" post, but it's getting late.  I can't wait to show you Claire's new shoes and what we have been planning these past few days.  I'll be back soon!   

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