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Sunday, February 7, 2010

It Was A Cake Pop Saturday

Cake Pops? They're all the rage!   Haven't you seen the sensation that's sweeping the nation???  Or, you know....maybe just the craze that's swept through the blogging community?  Thanks to Bakerella and The Pioneer Woman.  Oh, and Mckmama, who kindly put her own spin sprinkles on things.  And numerous other blogs that are joining in on the kick ....currently, mine. 

Mommy's constant helper!  Is there anything cuter than a cake mixing preschooler? 

How 'bout a beater licking one!

And, quit frankly, it was just a shameless opportunity for me to get my friend Sara to come over with Isabel's best bud, Maggie, and help me trash my kitchen in an all-day attempt to cause our families to go into sugar shock! 

I mean, maybe there are better ways ....but I don't know any! Now, before you go getting any ideas, this post is purely fluff.  If you want directions on how to really make Cake Pops you will need to check one of the beforementioned (that is, in fact, a word.  Who knew!) blogs, 'cause I am no Bakerella, y'all!

I will tell you that it is relatively theory at least!  The ingredient list is short:  boxed cake mix or mixes, cream cheese frosting, melt-able chocolate or candy coating and lollipop sticks.  Sprinkles are optional. 

Make a cake....or two, crumble it, mix it with some frosting and then form balls.  Could be fun, right?  Even small children can help!  Unless of course, you are creeped out about small children touching your food or something.  Then maybe you should not attempt this activity with small children around.  Because I'm telling you, it is a magnet for them! 

Something to note....if you use red velvet cake, you will look like you just slaughtered a pig!  So if you are grossed out by that, you know, stick with chocolate. 

You will be tempted to eat these little morsels of cakeyness.  But, you mustn't!  They need to be stuck in the freezer for a while to harden up.  Then the messy horror fun really begins!  You get to take those balls or cake and dip them in your melted chocolate. 

And apply sprinkles as necessary.

Is it fun?  Oh my goodness, yes!  The kids had a blast and Sara and I about bust a gut laughing at them and ourselves!  And, boy are they yummilicious.  Because they are yummy and delicious!

Please tell me what could be better than eating a cake pop and making one too!

But, if you think this is simple.....well then you just go ahead and try it!  Send me pictures too! 

So I can laugh.  With you.

'Cause when cake pops go bad.....

They go very very bad, y'all!

But, when cake pops are good...

They are very,

very good!

So, if you are in the mood for a diabetic coma, feel free to spend a Saturday afternoon making these bad boys!  But, be prepared to lick clean chocolate off every surface of your kitchen if you do these with kids. 

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The Source said...

ROFL! I know y'all had a blast making those! And you had the cutest helpers in SC. Can I borrow them next time I have something sweet to cook?

We've never tried them on a stick, but have made them in "truffle" form every year for Thanksgiving and no matter how many I fix, they're gone in no time. They're SOOOO good!