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Hey child up and go; A big world is out there waiting for us to live in every day. Outside you will find, there is love all around you; Takes you, makes you wanna' say; That it's a beautiful life and it's a beautiful world and it's a beautiful time to be here, to be here, to be here. -Fisher

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Party Over Here!

Claire and her precious friend, Moli, of Our Red Thread Journey, hosted their first ever Chinese New Year party today!  Maybe there will be a second annual party next year!  What do you think, Tara?  Moli's mom, Tara was in charge of the crafts.  That was a big job!  She came up with some cute ones.

I thought it was too much fun!  And, a lot of hectic.  But, I like hectic!  What can I say?  The more children packed into my house, the more to be thankful for, right?   Full hands = happiness in my book.

My girls spent days getting ready for the party.  And, had a ton of fun. 

I don't know about you, but we call this school!

And this?  That's called A-dor-able!

After all the prep work.....our friends arrived!  YAY!  Claire kept asking me, "when will my friends be here?"  And of course, once they got here....

She was stuck to me like duck tape!  The boys did all the photography for me today.  Therefore, there were actually about six pictures similar to this one.  You know....with her hand on my pocket as I walked around. I'd made the mistake of telling the boys to make sure and get lots of photos of Isabel and Claire, because I won't put other people's kids on my blog....unless they gave permission.   So yeah.  We have loads of photos of whatever Claire was hanging onto my apron strings derrière. But, I figured you'd appreciate NOT having to see numerous pictures of my BUTT!  

You're welcome.

How crazy was it?

We split the kids into two groups of about nine.  I read stories and did a cooking activity with each group.  Tara did crafts with each group.  It went well! 

And looked a little busy!

Okay, a lot busy! So busy in fact that the only pictures the boys got of Tara, she's a blur! 

But, look at these cute crafty things!  Happy year of the tiger, people!
(that's my tiger growl.....if you didn't know)

My kids had a super fun time.  I think all the kids did! 

More paper lanterns! 

We served homemade dumplings and they were scrumptious.  Said the kids, because I totally did not wolf down like 10 of them standing in the kitchen while they cooked.  Nope.  Not me!  Because that would just be yummy selfish!

Isabel helped!

Sweet rice balls. 
Very interesting.

That's all I'll say about that.

Okay, you twisted my arm!
They taste like rice flavored gummy bears in sugar water.
Appetizing, no?

But, they are a traditional dish for the Lantern Festival. 
So, we had to try them, right?

Not surprisingly......some of the children liked them.
 Well, it was made with loads of sugar. 
Which explains a lot. 

Me?  Not so much.

I'll stick with the pot stickers!

Who is that captivating all 18 children while I scramble around in the kitchen trying to get enough dumplings steamed to serve to those kiddos? It's bird!  It's a plane!  Heck no.  It's the best husband! in! the! world! Period. 

Now you see why we have so many kids?  And why he says we should have another one?  And why I don't argue with him about it?

Jie Jie Isabel, Jie Jie Grace, Mei Mei Claire, Mei Mei Moli

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
From our house to yours,
have a happy and prosperous new year!


anna said...

you. are. AWESOME!!! How fun does all that look! (you're crazy, too!) glad y'all had fun! Gong Xi Gong Xi!

eastandwest said...

I love this post! We had such a wonderful time, and I am so glad that I have such a brave (crazy) friend. I love the picture of the four of them- we are truly blessed!

The Source said...

THAT looks like so much fun! What a great celebration! Happy Chinese New Year right back at you!

Annie said...

Looks like a great time!!!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Clarie looks so grown up!!! I love your CNY's party. I will have to borrow some of your ideas for next year!