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Monday, March 29, 2010

It's a Boy!

In May of 2008, Paul and I wrapped our arms around our (then) youngest child for the very first time.  She'd lived for the first 21/2 years of her life in China, and it was time for her to come home!  As we bonded with Claire, we grew attached to her country, her first home, her culture.  At one point during the trip, we both looked at each other and one of us said what we were both thinking....we will be back, there is another child here for us. It was kind of like feeling the air and knowing that rain is on the horizon. 

We just knew. 

I spent over a year imagining another little girl coming into our lives. A playmate for Claire.  But, God has made it clear that He has a different plan for our family. The Holy Spirit kept nudging me towards a boy.  It was little things.  And, one day a name popped into my head.  A boy's name. And try as I might, I could not come up with a girl's name! 

I am a girl that relies on my gut (Holy Spirit) feelings.  Things just turn out better when I do.  Go figure! Those feelings lead me to my career choice, my husband, my church, adoption and lead me to finding Claire in the last possible place I should have been looking! 

Most recently it lead me to looking around the waiting lists of agency we haven't used before. 

We first saw his face months ago on a waiting list.

We prayed about him and several other little guys that were waiting.   We sent medical records to doctors that might help predict what life with each child would be like.  My heart was broken for one little guy when a cardiologist revealed to us that he most certainly needed a heart transplant.  Even if we could handle that, we would never be able to get him home soon enough.  The little guy disappeared off the list within days of being placed on it.  Did he get a family?  We will never know.   

The other two waited.  And waited. 

We prayed.  And prayed.

Paul felt pulled in one direction, I in another. So I prayed that the child that was not meant to be ours would find his family and leave the list.  The next day I pulled up the list to find my son's face.  Only my son's face! 
The other boy was no longer on the list. We requested to know what had happened to him and were told he was locked for another family!  That was all the confirmation we needed to know that this guy was our son.  That and the fact that when we called the agency about those files months ago, they realized that they had two boys named Noah on their list and needed to change one of them.  Since they had us on the phone they asked us to pick a name for the boy and the only name that came to my mind was the name that had popped into my mind months before....Asher.  Name him Asher.  Little did I know that I'd just named my own son!

On March 8th, we sent a letter to Chin@ and asked that they allow us to be the parents to this beautiful baby boy.  On March 19th we received word that they had accepted our letter! 

We put the cart before the horse this time, so now we have to put a dossier together within 90 days!  To say it will be crazy around here for a few weeks is putting it mildly.  In fact, I have two packages to get off this morning so we can get the ball rolling.  And my kitchen table looks like a paper tornado!  But, I look at this sweet  face....

And know that I have to do this as fast as I can.  Because he's so totally worth it!


eastandwest said...

Oh my goodness. He is SO supercute! So happy for you guys!

wingepr said...

Chelsea, I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and a heart full of joy for you and your family. I am so very happy for you. What a handsome little boy, I cannot wait to follow your journey back to China. Makes my heart think about another one, but I know we are done for may reasons. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. Again, I am so very happy for you. May God contiue to bless you on this journey. You are truly an inspiration to me.

The Source said...

What a darling little guy!! Can't wait to learn all about him. Y'all are such a wonderful, sweet family...he's going to love you all to pieces! So happy for all of you.

Londa said...

OMG!! He is so adorable!! And as promised I will share our joy...we too will be returning to China for a little sister for Katie! God is so good!

Michelle said...

casey calls him ashee!when are you going?

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

What a marvelous day for my to play blogger friend catch up. Asher is precious, to you and to Jesus.
May you make it through the paper tornado with little fanfare and soon hold Asher in your arms.

The Sharp Family said...

Oh MY!!!!! I am so incredibly giddy and happy for you right now!!! What a complete surprise! I was checking Peg's blog and saw this!!! AGHHHH!!!!! What agency are you using?? Ugh, just so incredibly over the moon for you and your family right now!!!

Annie said...

Oh my gosh, Chelsea!!!! He is just sooooooo cute!! I am so very happy for you and your family and little Asher!! Was he on Madison's list? When do you think you will bring him home?

Regina said...

Just coming back to see if the pictures come up for me -- and they did! He is adorable beyond words! I'm just so inspired by you guys. Many good wishes for a fast and easy process to bring Asher home!

Julia said...

Chelsea, that's awesome! I am excited for you guys. It is sweet that he was chosen for you, and God gave you his name and everything. What a great story! Congrats!

taniad1992 said...

Oh my goodness Chelsea! I have tears in my eyes! I am so happy for you guys and little Asher! What a blessing for you all! Please let me know if there is any way I can help! I will be praying for you! When do you think you might bring him home?

Marcie said...

Chelsea! I am so excited and happy for you! What a precious little guy! Know that all the Gours (including little Asher!) are in my prayers!

Stephanie said...

Awwww Chelsea! I am so super excited for you and your family! He is precious and I know he will be so very blessed (as you) to become a part of your amazing family. I will be keeping you, your family and Asher in my prayers until he is safe in your arms.

Christine said...

Wow wow wow! I am thrilled for your family! What a blessing Asher will be to your family and vice versa. Does he have have any special needs? Just curious.

Sally- That Girl! said...

I am so excited for you!!!! I LOVE my boys!!!! He is super duper cute!!! I am excited to follow your next adventure!!! And the name Asher is adorable!!

We hope to travel in June for Gio. He is from Guangdong province as well. We will be in Guangzhou the entire time.