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Monday, November 8, 2010

Good News!

*Really Good Update at the bottom of this post*

Well first off, I would like to share that the situation with Paypal has been resolved! It wasn't nice to be accused of something we weren't doing, but I will say that they were very quick and personal in answering my emails and considering my case. As of today, our Paypal button has been reinstated and we are again accepting donations to Bring Asher Home in any amount! (It has been removed again and it is debatable as to whether or not I will reinstate it. If it's there, feel free to use it, if not there are other options- such as leaving us a comment requesting our home address.)

We are also still giving away an iPad! So if you have not registered to win this amazing-piece-o-electronics, hurry up and do so! You have 13 days until it closes! Here is how it works:

The Giveaway ends at Midnight on November 20th {Claire's birthday!}. No entries will be accepted after that. The drawing for the giveaway will be November 21st and the winner will be notified via email that day! And, the iPad will be delivered or shipped the 22nd. Which means? YOU GET IT JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! Can you imagine that baby under your tree?!?!

There is no purchase necessary to enter for the iPad! We are, as we have been, accepting donations to Bring Asher Home but you do not have to donate to enter or win the iPad.

If you would like to be entered please leave me a comment on this post with your name, address and email so I can contact you! I will email you with your number for the giveaway as soon as I can {within 24 hours}. Please remember to include all your information or I will not be able to give you a number.

Please feel free to share about our fundraisers on your own blog or facebook or twitter or whatever. And if you want to leave a comment sharing your thoughts, prayers and wishes for Asher, we will print them and save them for his keepsake!

Thank you so much for those of you that are helping us raise money to bring our boy home. We are grateful beyond the words to express it!

More good news! I have a few new followers! I love followers.....I don't know what it is about seeing that people like to keep up, but it just makes you feel good! THANKS GUYS!

Other good news? Yep! I got some! The Chicken has a new home....and I'm sorry to say that it is not over at Not A Significant Source. 'Cause I thought he made a great accessory there on her shoulder. You know, pirates have their parrots, so naturally homeschool moms need a chicken! Right?

Well, the chicken is NOT the only thing that found a new home on Saturday. At least $1000 worth of stuff found new homes! That's right. We raised just over $1000 to Bring Asher Home! And, I got to be truly amazed at the love and generosity that poured from family and friends yet again. We brought a U-Haul's worth of donations from here in Charleston and our friends and family had collected so much that it took the entire inside of our 12 passenger van, a trailer and two pick-up trucks to bring the stuff to my sister's house from around town! It was amazing! Then on Saturday we had help starting at 6am to get the yard set up. HELP showed up in the 40° temperatures and worked IN THE DARK to get us set up. More help showed up in time to help with the selling and that help brought baked goods to sell! And some help stayed ALL DAY! All day y'all! I had no idea that yard sales in North Augusta lasted all day....but they do. There were waves of people showing up until 5pm. We finally got the yard cleaned up at 7:30pm.

And today? Today I get to send a check to Madison for $1790! That is what we have raised in the last two weeks.

We can not thank you enough. You! The ones that pray for us, the ones that volunteer to help, the ones that tell all their friends what is going on and the ones that give. YOU! We pray blessings on you! God is Good!

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Update Fundraiser Thermometer Here

*Update: We have since raised another $210 in donations and when I wrote the check to our agency I was able to write it for $2000!*

Updated Thermometer TADA!

We are almost half-way to our end of month goal! God is Good!


The Source said...

HURRAY FOR YARD SALES!! I miss my chicken! Do you know where he went?? I might need to inquire about visitation.

Seriously, we had such a terrific time with y'all this weekend, it sure didn't seem like any work! (Because Paul had to do the trailer-dragging and the backing up and that hard stuff.) You guys are the best. WOO HOO for sending off a check to the agency! And I'm sending more $$ your way. As soon as I get a second to do so. And now I have to take my grandma her apple dishes. ;)

schoolmom07 said...

I have to make this comment in defense of the Gours' trying to raise money for their child to come home. I have personally (I didn't want to have to tell people I didn't donate b/c I couldn't at the time) but I did leave a comment just as Chelsea said and she sent me my number. Do you know what I gave her? Absolutely nothing! Not one penny, nickel or dime. Nothing.