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Wednesday, July 30, 2008



I finally have some answers! We finally have a plan! Claire finally got to see the urologist! We had our appointment with Dr. Aaronson this afternoon. He is a small, grandfatherly British man and according to everyone I talk to, the finest pediatric urologist on the East Coast. He did, what I thought was a very thorough examination of Claire with history and went over her ultrasounds and other tests with me.

His decision about the bacteria in her urine that is causing her urinary tract infections, is to continue with the antibiotics she is currently taking. But, instead of coming off them after the ten day round, she will remain on them, at a lower dose, for thirty days. He believes that this may give her the chance to actually eradicate the little critters! Not once, did he mention putting her in the hospital for IV antibiotics!

He also took note of her reflux issue. Claire lived 2 1/2 years with a neurogenic bladder. Her bladder never emptied and only when it could hold no more, would it overflow into her diaper. Therefore, her bladder is misshapen, thick walled and she has a reflux problem. Urine re fluxes back into her kidneys. Because of prolonged reflux, her ureters are very large now and she actually re-fluxes freely. This means that urine will go up into her kidneys even without her bladder being full. For example, when she lays down, urine will flow out of her bladder and up into her kidneys. So, part of her problem is that even though we catheterize her now, some of the urine hangs out in the kidneys until after we are done. Then we sit her up and it comes back into her bladder. When a child's bladder doesn't ever empty completely it increases their chances of getting urinary tract infections. If she can not get rid of this infection after 30 days of antibiotics, Dr. Aaronson believes that she needs to have a small surgery to have her ureters reattached to her bladder. He already scheduled us for a return visit to reevaluate this in September. He was very honest and let me know that he feels certain that she will need this surgery. But, he made it clear that it is also important to clear up the infection first anyway.

I felt much better leaving his office today. I feel like we have a plan of action and now she is in his system so if we have a problem (like a relapse on the lower dose of antibiotics), Claire WILL get in to see him. He made that clear!

Lizzie bonding with Claire!

WE ALSO, FINALLY GOT TO SEE OUR LIZZIE! She came down on Sunday and stayed until after dinner tonight. It was a very nice visit. She spent a lot of time with Claire and though it took a day, Claire warmed up to her. She gave Lizzie a hug AND a kiss before she left tonight! The kids loved having her back for a while. She played video games with the boys, did a make-over on Isabel, orchestrated a treasure hunt for Isabel's birthday and made her famous shrimp and grits dish for dinner! She is an amazing young woman and we are so fortunate to have her in our lives!

The boys decided to "join" her in the chair!

Then Isabel had to get in on the pile-up too! Poor Lizzie, she loves her personal space.
Can you say SQUISHED!

And, last but not least, we FINALLY got to have a niece and nephew in for a visit. I've been trying all summer. Usually, by now, we would have had them all for several weeks. Not this's just been too busy. But, finally we got Brianna and Christian here! They came in on Sunday with Lizzie and are staying until next weekend. I love having a full house! I prefer it to be busting at the seams, if at all possible. That's why we are adding two more on Saturday....Brooke and Megan!

Christian found a treasure map in the crib!

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Christine said...

Your family is just beautiful! So your daughter didn't have the surgery afterall?