Beautiful Life

Hey child up and go; A big world is out there waiting for us to live in every day. Outside you will find, there is love all around you; Takes you, makes you wanna' say; That it's a beautiful life and it's a beautiful world and it's a beautiful time to be here, to be here, to be here. -Fisher

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

All winter long the earth was bare;
The crumbling leaves were brown and red.
It seemed that flowers everywhere
Had lost their petals and were dead.

Then, God, you whispered, "Time to rise!"
And every field and every glen
Heard your sweet call from out the skies
And stirred and woke and lived again.
Thank you , God.
Amen ~ Ben Aronin

When I was little, my sisters were Baptized together. Some family friends had been chosen as God parents. I had been Baptized as an infant and had my own wonderful God parents, but I remember being insanely jealous that day, because the girls got Bibles. My God parents had not yet given me one. My mother must have realized it, because later that day she brought me an old children's Bible. It had been hers and in the front it said " Presented to Brenda Lee Barton by Mother on August 1952". My first Bible! It made absolutely no difference to me that it had belong to some else first. It was a King James version, adapted for children and full of pretty illustrations. The best part, in my opinion, it had prayers in the back. There was a prayer for everyday of the week and others for special occasions. I loved the prayers and every day and night for many years I would open to the back and recite some of them. The poem above is one of the prayers from that bible...which, by the way, I still cherish. I guess it's almost time to pass it on....
Isabel insisted on using her parasol in these pictures. She got it in China... the fall before we got Claire. Claire wants her own and so the children think that is a good excuse to head back to Disney World!
Claire is so proud when she stands by herself!
My handsome boys....they got hair cuts yesterday, so these are the last pictures taken with the long locks. I'm sad, but....they do look more like boys now.....shaggy boys, surfer boys, but....boys.

As you can see, I finally got a new camera. These were taken Palm Sunday. The new camera is still a "point and shot" but it has a lot of bells and whistles that the other didn't. It is taking me some time to figure it all out. So far, so good! We've had a few days of spring break here, so I'm trying to get in some hobby time and learn a few things about it.


Rina said...

OMGosh, I think your portraits are insane...You all look so good...and are looking HOT these days..Keep it up, your chaotic life is doing you wonders..

Please post pics of the boys with their new hair cut..would love to see.....



The Source said...

Ahhh...such a pretty family! The girls look so sweet in their spring dresses. Almost makes me wish I had a little one to dress up again. Almost. I'll just admire yours. :)

Did the Bible belong to your mom? What a treasure. I still have my first Bible. It was King James and that's what we HAD to use at school to learn our verses. So...hearing verses repeated in different versions sometimes drives me batty.

wingepr said...

What beautiful pictures!

Tell the kids I vote with them, that is a great excuse to have to go back to Disney!

Brianna said...

I agree with Rina- You MUST show the boys with their hair cuts. I was fixing to tell you that you needed to trim them up a bit(LOT) but then I read on, and you had. :)
And once again, I'll tell you, your family is INSANELY georgous!

Joanne and Bruce said...

WOW you all look like MODELS!!! Stunning pics...

Paul said...

Sitting in this hotel, crying like a little girl, missing you all sooooo much. I love you!

Michelle said...

when do we leave for disney???