Beautiful Life

Hey child up and go; A big world is out there waiting for us to live in every day. Outside you will find, there is love all around you; Takes you, makes you wanna' say; That it's a beautiful life and it's a beautiful world and it's a beautiful time to be here, to be here, to be here. -Fisher

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A night of light!

Saturday night we inducted Claire into a Gour Family tradition! We attended the 19th Annual Holiday Festival of Lights at James Island County Park. For those that don't know, this is one of those 3 mile drives with more than 2 MILLION lights decorating the park with Christmas Cheer! We go every year and have been going since 1992 when Paul took me (we were dating) and Lizzie. We haven't missed a single year since.

The kids love the marshmallow roasting stations, aka fire pits! We enjoyed hot cocoa and a nippy stroll (yes, it actually got cold Saturday night!) through the enchanted forest to the gift shops.

The evening's festivities also included Claire's first ever picture with Santa!

She did very well considering! She didn't cry or scream at all and gave us this one little smile. The rest of the time she just looked around nervously. But, I think it helped that she had big sis right there with her!

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Michelle said...

I LOVE THE LIGHTS!!! we will be there next year! we are going to have to rent a van for all of us to ride in!